Work Friendly Wednesday – Subdued Leopard Print

I felt like doing a bit of nail art this week for Work Friendly Wednesday. I was inspired by this subtle stamped mani by The Nail Polish Project, but then I realised I can’t stamp (also the fact that I don’t own any stamping plates, which makes things a bit tricky). So I turned to my trusty fool proof leopard print instead, opting to use similar toned down colours.

Work Friendly Leopard Print

I started with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff, then dotted on the leopard print with Essie Love & Acceptance and Butter London Yummy Mummy (that polish is getting way too much usage in my work friendly posts).

At first I tried using OPI Berlin There Done That for the borders around the spots, which is closer in colour to Love & Acceptance, but it just ended up looking like patchy purple mould on my nails. Moral of the story: use colours with enough contrast.

Work Friendly Leopard Print

Work Friendly Leopard Print

I think it’s pretty subtle and work-appropriate, but again, it depends on your workplace! Would you get away with wearing these at work?


  1. Niki T. says

    I love how it’s partial on 2 nails and fully covered on the others. Lovely choice of colors as well! Very pretty!

    • everylittlepolish says

      Thanks Niki! The partial leopard print is one of my favourite designs to do, it’s an easy twist on the full nail leopard print ;)

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