OPI DS Lapis & Pewter – Swatches & Review

I mentioned a couple of posts earlier that I attended the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, where I was lucky enough to be able to grab the new OPI DS Raw Granite polishes – DS Lapis and DS Pewter. OPI describes them as having a textured matte finish, which is somewhat true. Whatever they are, they’re unique in my stash of polishes.

OPI DS Raw Granite collection OPI DS Raw Granite collection

OPI DS Lapis is a deep navy jam packed with silver micro glitter. It’s incredibly pigmented and rich, and is completely opaque in 2 thin coats. The finish is interesting… Although I don’t have any textured polishes to compare it to, I wouldn’t call it a properly textured finish, just bumpy like normal glitter. It is definitely matte though, and dries within a few minutes. Matte polishes are my favourite to take travelling because they dry so quickly, and I don’t need to take a bottle of top coat with me. I think the addition of the glitter adds so much extra depth to it.

OPI DS Lapis swatch OPI DS Lapis swatch

However, it really comes to life when top coat is applied over it. It’s very top coat thirsty, and requires a couple of coats to be glassy smooth. But in the light it shimmers and sparkles with flecks of bright blue and silver. It’s incredibly pretty!

OPI DS Lapis swatch OPI DS Lapis swatch OPI DS Lapis swatch

A possible dupe that comes to mind is Picture Polish Orbit – the “mesh” finish consisting of loads of silver glitter in coloured bases seems similar. You can see in the swatch below that Orbit is more purple, and they are definitely not dupes. I also found that DS Lapis has more depth to it, and the glitters flash more blue whereas in Orbit they are predominantly silver. Orbit doesn’t dry matte either.

OPI DS Lapis dupe comparison vs Picture Polish Orbit OPI DS Lapis dupe comparison vs Picture Polish Orbit OPI DS Lapis dupe comparison vs Picture Polish Orbit

OPI DS Pewter is a glittering charcoal base filled with silver micro and hex glitter. It’s a similar glitter mix to OPI Metallic 4 Life, but the glitter is finer and more dense. It has the same slightly thick yet perfectly workable application as OPI DS Lapis, and is also opaque in 2 coats and dries quickly to a matte finish.

OPI DS Pewter swatch

Once again, it looks 100x better with a glossy top coat.

OPI DS Pewter swatch OPI DS Pewter swatch OPI DS Pewter swatch

I actually really love this polish. It has an edgy rock star vibe to it, yet it’s still pretty and elegant at the same time. It reminds me of Avril Lavigne’s black wedding dress… Sssshhh, I secretly love her ;) How gorgeous does she look?

But I digress.

US press releases indicate that these will be available at the beginning of September, and Australia usually isn’t too far behind, so these should be hitting stores soon!

Do you prefer OPI DS Lapis or DS Pewter? Do you like the textured matte finish, or prefer it with top coat?

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    • everylittlepolish says

      I can’t speak for American prices but here in Australia regular OPIs retail for $20. DS OPIs are even more expensive. I’m usually able to get them much cheaper online.

    • everylittlepolish says


      How amazing is the black dress?? I didn’t expect it to work, but it just looks so beautiful.

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