Artsy Wednesday – Christmas/Holiday

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I’m not religious, so for me Christmas is a day to gorge on delicious food and watch my cats roll around in wrapping paper. Oh, and spend time with my family, of course… Can’t forget them. Hi mum and dad!

But let’s backtrack a little bit. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to chance across some vintage OPIs in a blog sale. Sometime in the 90s (back when they were still adventurous) OPI released a collection of green polishes, which are now VHTF. One of those is Jasper Jade, a beautiful shimmery dark jungle green, which I’m using in today’s mani. “Are you crazy Rose?” I hear you exclaim. “VHTF polishes are supposed to sit in the Helmer to be occasionally admired, not actually worn!” Well, it’s Christmas, so that’s my present to myself. I’m really splurging this year!

Artsy Wednesday Christmas Nail Art

Oh boy, I’m probably never going to wear this polish again. This was from the pre-Big 3 era, and the stench made my nostrils feel like they were melting out of my nose. My eyes burned and I wept salty tears of pain into my acetone. But was it worth it? Definitely. A perfect green for a vampy christmas design.

Artsy Wednesday Christmas Nail Art

I sponged a gradient of Pretty Serious Santa’s Sunburn over the tips, painted a couple of wonky snowflakes with Butter London Marbs (in my defence, snowflakes don’t feature heavily in Australian culture), and sponged OPI Goldeneye sparsely over the top for a flaky golden finish. I love this, and if I can get away with it, I’ll be wearing it right up until New Year’s Eve.

Artsy Wednesday Christmas Nail Art

Have a fantastic holiday season, everyone!

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  1. Oh wow those nails look stunning! :O They kind of remind me of The Hunger Games too hehe but that’s probably because I’m not a person to delve into a christmas mood. They do look a little like fireworks. :)
    Elina recently posted…The Christmas Cracker TagMy Profile

  2. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous – Merry Christmas!
    Marias Nail Art recently posted…Cinema flowers – Merry Christmas!!!My Profile

  3. You /painted/ those snowflakes? Oh wow, you have amazedly steady hands! *A*
    This is too adorable. <3 I love it!
    Gin recently posted…『CLOSED』Chinese New Year: Zodiac Collaboration!My Profile

  4. That’s beautiful! Totally worth using the Jasper Jade for!
    Leah recently posted…So… We Eloped!My Profile

  5. This is gorgeous!

  6. Love the internal monologue! I have had that same chat with myself about using a special polish for nail art or covering it with nail art!
    Natalia recently posted…Excuse the long absence….My Profile

  7. I am very jealous you actually own this :D so cool! And the look you created is beautiful too ♥
    Deborah recently posted…Swatches & Review – Too Fancy Lacquer The Crown JewelMy Profile

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